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Friday, March 10, 2017

On30 Modules? You'll be sorry you asked...

I'm a Canadian On30 Module Pioneer.

My experience with On30 goes back to ~2000 through the Ask the Bachmann forum and the On30 Conspiracy.

Realizing that I didn't have the time or space for a home layout, it was suggested that I build modules.

The Bachmann forum also got me interested in On30 so I joined the On30 Conspiracy.

A few people asked about Module Standards for On30 and were shouted down with:

St@nd@rds? We don't need no stinkin' St@nd@rds!

So a new Yahoo! Group was spun off to develop On30 Module Standards. Through lots of debate we developed OCUMS (On30Conspiracy Universal Module Standards) which Bobber Gibbs arbitrarily mid-stream changed to OCMODS (On30Conspiracy Module Standards).

But in the end; the OCMODS did not receive an On30Conspiracy endorsement.

A few of us who had worked to develop the Standards re-branded them the On30 Coalition Module Standards (OCMODS) and I put together the website to preserve them. 

In 2003 I presented my first (Still under construction) On30 modules at the Maple Leaf Train Show which was part of the NMRA Convention that birthed the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers (CAoRM).

I even wrote a couple of articles about building On30 Modules for Light Iron Digest, but my best work on the subject are these two articles:
Free-MOn30: Interface Plate Scenic Profile:
Interface Plate White Paper:

However, without the endorsement of the On30Conspiracy combined with the lack of interest locally I was ready to dump On30 and Modules.

Then Chris Abbott pulled me back in. He, along with Lynn Caron, Don Hamilton and Rob Hupfield were going to build a bunch of On30 Modules with narrow (12" wide) scenic profile interface plates and 4% grades on the mainline.

We presented our work-in-progress Upper Canada & Algonquin Railway (UC&A) at the Ontario Narrow Gauge Show in Schomberg Ontario.

I was also one of the original organizers of the Ontario Narrow Gauge Show in Schomberg Ontario, along with Chris Creighton, Brian Fayle, Chris Abbott and a few others for the first six years. But that's another story...

Then it seemed that On30 Modules became a dead end. I got fed up with the shrinking group and the failure to attract new members. Combine that with my own frustrations with my own lack of progress on my own modules and I found it difficult to proceed.  

My own interests in model railroading were leading in a different direction.

Chris Abbott dropped out of the Module Group to pursue S-Scale Standard Gauge with the S Scale Workshop.
Don Hamilton supported the group in spirit but did not build any modules.
Work and other interests pulled Rob Hupfield away from the group so that he was absent from some showings and work sessions.
Lynn Caron continues to muddle along, I suppose.

I left my big balloon loop module set with Lynn Caron, who was able to find it a new home...

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