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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rebuilt F-Unit for HV&S

Here's the latest drawing of the Humber Valley & Simcoe Road Switcher
It's been ages since I started this TinGoat project and most of that time it has been sitting in mothballs.

I floated the idea on The Diesel Detailer Forum in the "A naked Cab Unit" thread.

Those guys over at Diesel Detailer have ruined me.

I would never have noticed the sharp angle of the piece between the front windows and the small creases on the top of the nose would never have bothered me, but now I have to sand them out or be haunted by them.

To my eye the F7 shell was good enough as a base to do a little surgery on. Now, however, I can see some of flaws in the original that I'll have to correct.

Of course, I'm not planning to spend another dime on the project and that means I've got to work with what I have instead of getting better ready made parts. I'll exhaust all the bits that I can refurbish, scratch build or fudge.

To start, here a couple of pix of what I've done so far.

Front pilot has been trimmed and GP Porch added.   
There's a lot of sanding and filing required to get these looking decent.

I think that the original Nose MU Doors are too small and I need to make them a little taller.

The Steps need to be plated over and made to look more like the ones on a BL2.

The Number Boards are unsightly and the Class Lights can be removed.

So, I'll start hacking, chopping and sanding everything to a blank sleight and then build back up from there.
Another view of the new front porches. They're mounted on the original Anti-Climber

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