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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TinGoat Again?

Here is a redesigned version of the TinGoat.
In the pursuit of a Modern Canadian Narrow Gauge Locomotive I've redesigned the TinGoat.
I haven't flexed any styrene in a long while but there's one project that continues to haunt me....

So here goes another iteration.

The Humber Valley & Simcoe bought third hand F7's and put them on 42-inch gauge A-1-A trucks.

Switching  Pilots were welded on and Hostler Controls at the rear were added to these road engines.

Used, abused and ready for the scrap heap they've just recently gotten a new lease on life after limping through the last couple of decades.

With recent Government Green Initiative grants the locomotives have been upgraded  with skid mounted GenSets and other high tech goodies are added.

The Prime mover EMD 16-567B rated at 1,500 hp (1,100 kW) has been swapped out for a pair of skid mounted 600hp John Deere 6135H's for 1200hp.  To make up the hp deficiency a  skid mounted 350hp John Deere 6090H has been placed in the Steam Generator area.  Thus bringing the rating up to 1,550hp.

The 350hp provides power for hostling, hotel power and HEP when in Passenger Duty.

350hp, 600hp, 950hp, 1,200hp or 1,550hp are available on demand.

To make room for the GenSets, the Hostler Controls in the rear have been removed.  Reverse moves are now made from the Cab by utilizing the new video equipment, or with Belt-Pack R/C units that the Engineer can use from the Porches or on the ground.

The upgrades allow for One-Man Crews even when MU'd, Distributed Power or in Push-Pull duty.

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