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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Capitalist Plot!

We are all pawns in this big game of life and we are being played by the Right Wing agenda.

If you have the time, go visit the Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey website and bring yourself up to speed on the current economic crisis.

It helps to see the big picture.

Now narrow your focus on the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Mayor Rob Ford.

He is creating a crisis in order to push forward a Right Wing Agenda with threats of closing down or selling of City facilities and services.

Toronto's libraries are under threat of privatization. Tell city council to keep them public now.

Let's clear away the smoke and remove the mirrors to reveal what is really going on behind the scenes...

Doug Ford and his cronies want to reduce corporate tax rates. The corporations have been complaining for years that they carry more than their fair share of the tax burden in the city compared to hard working home owners.

There's no way that the Right Wing can arbitrarily lower corporate tax rates and shift the burden to home owners, so a plot is hatched...

Doug Ford became popular by attacking the workers who provide city services and facilities by villanizing them as lazy, greedy slobs riding the "Gravy Train". He's an every-man's hero by eliminating some nickel and dime fees like the Vehicle registry. However, this is only a drop in the bucket of the billions of dollars in the city budget.

Not to mention the selling off of some city assets which is a short sighted stop-gap because you can only sell something once and then it is gone, which also cuts off a small revenue stream because you can no longer rent out what is no longer yours.

The cuts to city revenue sources are overlooked while a crisis is created by fear mongering over the potential budget shortfall.

In the meantime, the corporate sector gets some of these assets at a bargain price and can then turn them over for profit.

So a half-baked investigation at arm’s length to investigate potential savings is being conducted.

The consulting firm can tell you what any moron can figure out for themselves.

Cuts to city services and facilities will save money. Well, D'uh!

If your only criteria are to cut costs, this is a no-brainer.

The hard part is determining which to cut and which to save? A snip here and a slash there in order to meet the short-fall are really destructive to the overall fabric of the city.

To paraphrase: A capitalist knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

So, if you weigh the value of the services and facilities against mindless cost cutting, you won't get very far.

By creating a budget crisis and attacking the service providers, the Right Wingers can distract everyone to their real agenda.

People are starting to see the value of the services and facilities they have and a message is forming: People are saying that they'd be willing to pay a little more on their property taxes to preserve the services and facilities they have.

The Right Wingers have everyone eating out of the palm their hand! People are going to volunteer to pay more property tax.

“Please, raise my taxes! I don't want to lose any public services and facilities!”

The Right Wingers are trying to manipulate us into voluntarily paying more property tax and shifting the burden off of their Corporate Cronies!

All of the gaffs regarding Libraries and Tim Horton Franchises and the disrespect for Canadian Icon Margaret Atwood, not to mention the recent "Fuddle-Duddle" is all smoke and mirrors to distract everyone from what is going on behind the scenes.

This is a strong case for having Coulrophobia.

The brothers Ford are Evil Clowns and they should be feared because behind their buffoonery there is an evil plot.

As a public employee, I've been through this type of process before.
Bob Rae asked everyone to find ways to save money and we all scrambled to find savings, but in the end, the government did what they were planning to do all along. Save money in a way that they could control by having "Rae Days". A better alternative to layoffs, but it basically boiled down to the government creating a crisis and then doing what they wanted to do all along.

Bob Rae soured the relationship between the NDP and Labour and it has taken years for the rift to heal. In hind-sight, Bob Rae wasn't a socialist at all: Only a political opportunist.

A change in government lead to the Harris regime and another round of scrambling to find savings; which in the end was realized through amalgamation and financial downloading.

Now, here we go again with another kick at the cost-savings can in order to stop the alleged Gravy Train.

To flaunt my Edge-u-my-cation and stuff that I get from Liberries and the Inter-web I'll stroll out the following gem.

"Those who forget History are doomed to repeat it"

As the scars of previous cuts start to fade, we are attacked again.

Capitalism desires the privatization of public property and services for corporate profit and gain.
Recently I saw Rob Ford depicted as Benito Mussolini and I thought that it was very apropos when you consider that "Fascism is capitalism in decay". I guess that I could have done the same thing, but it is so much easier to draw a Hitler mustache on him. Although, that distinction should probably go to Stephen Harper.

From the nation’s capital on down, the Center has fallen out and society is being polarized between the Capitalist Right Wing in power and the Socialist Left in opposition.

I'll cast my lot with the Left Wing to close down the Ford Brothers' Circus.

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