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Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Tin Goat

Back in 2000 or there abouts I re-entered the Hobby after a twenty-odd-year hiatus. At the time I was ill with Hyper Thyroid [Graves' Disease] and the Doctor told me that I needed to relax and take up a hobby; so I dug out my old HO train set and started to tinker. Getting on the internet I wanted to restore my Bachmann EMD F9. So I went to the Bachmann Forum "Ask the Bach-Man"

Two things happened.

First, I was told that in order to protect my identity and ward off Spamers and Flamers I needed to use a Pseudonym: So I became Tin Goat.

Second, I got drawn in to the world of On30.

The Second thing is a tangent that I will explore further in a future post, but it is the first thing "The Tin Goat" that I'm talking about now...

The Tin Goat

I entered the realm of Kit-Bashing and took a couple of F7's and started imagineering. It is a little project that I call the Tin Goat or the GMD BL - E9 "A - A" Unit. I am bashing together a pair of F-7 units to form a push-me/pull-you configuration.

I started the project with a couple of F-7 shells and a GP-7 shell. So far, I put the Geep porches on the F-7's and re-arranged the fans on the roofs.

That was a few years ago: The project got moth-balled while I ventured into On30 and now I'm headed to HOm / HOn42... So now I'm going to take the Tin Goat out of moth-balls and try again.

So, the original plan was to have the Tin Goat articulated in the middle as you can see in the drawings. Now, I'm not sure, although there are examples of articulated electrics, I haven't seen any articulated diesels.

Changing from Standard to Narrow Gauge raises some questions for the wheel arrangement too... At least six axles... Maybe as many as nine... There are prototypical concerns for axle loading as well as power distribution and I'm not a fan of Trailing Axles.

Bo-Bo-Bo, Bo-Co-Bo, Co-Co, Co-Co-Co or Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo...

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