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Friday, January 07, 2011

Route of the Voyageur et Courier des Bois

A while ago I went searching the internet for a picture of a "Voyageur" and/or "Courier des Bois" portaging a canoe. I wanted to use the picture on which to base the Logo for the Humber Valley & Simcoe Railway.

The Humber River flows South from a point about halfway between Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe.

Flowing North from that midway point is the Holland River into Cooks Bay on Lake Simcoe.

It's an ancient waterway with a portage that now passes through a Golf Course at the midpoint.

I found just the right picture of a Statue in Mattice, Ontario, Canada which is considerably further North than where the HV&S will run.

The rest is/was/will-be history...

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