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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One for Andy - 1:55

Andy is an Englishman in Germany. He's working on Modern Image Narrow Gauge Model Railways in 7mm and 5.5mm scales. 55n3 That's 1:55 scale models on 16.5mm gauge [HO] track.

I've found his blog, Railway Misadventures, both entertaining and inspiring. Since Andy was kind enough to comment on my On30 Rail Truck, I thought I'd pitch this back to him...

Siku Mercedes Unimog U 1500
As if you don't have enough on your plate, how about getting one of these and converting it to a High-Railer?
Like these Zagro Road/Rail Unimogs
Siku Mercedes Sprinter 208
Or a Zagro Road/Rail Sprinter?

One thing to consider when bashing one of these is that the tires won't likely match the rail gauge. That's Okey: Use Friction Drive Hi-Rail
Which seems to be the sensible choice for Narrow Gauge High Railers according to Mitchell Equipment - Rail Gear Products.

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